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Wednesday, 20 September 2017 22:00
Written by Chris Savory
KHM expertly guiding the ball between keeper and first slip
Full scorecard

Sunday 17 September 2017

Orchard Field, Otford

Beechwood 73 all out (35.1 overs)

Broadway 74 for 3 (19.4 overs)

Broadway won by seven wickets

Okay, the corresponding fixture last year saw our visitors Broadway, who we once again warmly welcomed to Leonard Avenue, have what you'd simply call 'one of those days'. On Sunday Beechwood had what's often quoted as 'yet another one of those days' as the visitors exacted sweet revenge on their hosts in emphatic style; mid-September it may be but everyone was home way before dark.

We were expecting our visitors but I'm not sure if our landlords were expecting us as there was no marked out pitch for us and the outfield resembled an outsize shag pile snooker table with the lushest of green baizes, some of which over-spilled onto the pitch (which we had to pick for ourselves) itself. Still, the club house itself was remarkably clean, as if expected to be closed for the winter, although the jumble of forgotten youths' clothing remained and some bright spark thought it'd be okay to leave the bin lid on a food preparing surface, but apart from that...pristine. The 1st of October should certainly be interesting.

The usual availability issues remain with Scotty Bowman getting called off the bench before unfortunately having to drop out on the morning for reasons beyond his control, so Beechwood once again took the field with ten men. Beechwood won the toss and elected to bat, probably influenced by last season's result, but it was a hungrier looking opposition this time around with scores to settle; even Mr. Hamilton was there in time for the start.

Fraser and Keith opened up for the hosts but Broadway's openers Walsh and Langford gave nothing away from ball one. With ten runs on the board, all of which were from Fraser, Walsh got one to lift which found the shoulder of Fraser's bat and was smartly plucked by Hamilton in the gully region. Ashley obviously saw this as a productive scoring area however and steered his first ball into similar territory, although on this occasion the catch wasn't taken. Ashley then proceeded to combine elegance with agriculture, not always in equal measure, on his way to top score with, whisper it...fourteen!

When he snicked one behind, Beechwood were wobbling at 36-2 but all this was after a round of rapturous applause greeted Keith leg-glancing his 37th ball over the boundary to get him off the mark! Brad was also soon back in the hutch when the persevering Langford cleaned him up which created the opportunity for our rearguard experts Ian and Keith to take our innings deep.

Things didn't quite run to script however as Keith almost immediately swallowed the proverbial cyanide capsule when calling Ian through for a quick single. Glenn Salmon in his pomp might have made it to safety but it was a little too much for Beechwood's resident pensioner and the hosts were now in trouble at 41-4, Keith amassing nine from 68 balls.

Things got rather processional after this, Dave had some brief fun, Ian was trapped after trying to drop anchor and Mark failed to pick a slower one that everybody else seemed to, and once Tony and The DoC were quickly cleaned up, the hosts were reflecting on a total of 73 from 35.1 overs with extras, bravely challenging Woody to be top scorer.

Broadway's bowling figures resembled 80s West Indies ones and apart from Fraser's dismissal, all their victims were the result of bowling at the stumps. Simple really. Fortunately, in light of the length of time it took to reach such giddy heights, tea was ready and Keith was once again praised for his salmon sandwiches, likewise Bradley for his onion ones with a hint of cheese.

Broadway made relatively short work of their total truth be told, although at least when Mark dramatically pouched opener Constable off Fraser we were able to stave off a similar scoreline our visitors had to suffer last year, and Mark and Steve were also able to bag a wicket each before the curtain fell. If you have a chasing side at 74-3 in the 20th over you'd normally say you'd be in with a shout but not today and opener Stringer's 33 was the glue that ensured a safe chase for the visitors. Can't blame the lack of an eleventh player today as not even fourteen fielders would defend these sorts of totals, especially from Beechwood's squad, and I see we're back to the days of batsmen one to four also being bowlers one to three and wicket-keeper - league tactics for performances anything but resembling a league team but that's a personal gripe; still, at least we're far more entertaining than 'A League Of Their Own'!

At 4.45pm Mark was quickly changed and headed for the exit, halfway through what would've been the tea interval for a typical summer fixture and we were all assembled in the pub in time for Dave to see three Man Utd goals!

I had earlier stated that we warmly received our visitors but they're probably questioning our warmth after their efforts to take a shower but congratulations to Broadway anyway, and those lucky souls have finished their season now and can look forward to Sunday roasts and 'Songs of Praise' while we've got to look forward to Wadhurst and an October fixture for our amusement, and as I type this, the Wadhurst fixture especially feels about as attractive as flying a kite in a thunderstorm but what do I know?!

Don't have nightmares....

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