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Thursday, 27 July 2017 19:00
Written by Chris Savory
Dave Lockey provided the entertainment with some lusty blows
Full scorecard

Sunday 23 July 2017

Orchard Field, Otford

Beechwood 74 all out (40.1 overs)

Cudham Wyse 75 for 2 (25.3 overs)

Cudham Wyse won by eight wickets

The above headline is not a dig at our beleaguered skipper but more of an expression of surprise at the opposing skipper's decision to insert their hosts considering the bare bones of an XI presented before them which had been brought to their attention.

It's a familiar tale to tell this week, albeit with a drastically altered cast. Cudham Wyse were the opposition we welcomed to Otford and to be fair to them, the forecast wasn't great and the pitch, despite being covered, was something of a sodden strip so maybe these were factors in their decision at the toss.

With an arm-long list of unavailables for various reasons, it was a pretty fair effort from The DoC to assemble a full team anyway, but I think most eyes were looking upward, hopefully searching for darker clouds above but any adverse weather in the area stayed clear of Leonard Avenue on the day. It was a pleasure however to welcome one Joseph Boss into Beechwood's ranks for his debut giving many of us the chance to play alongside another 'Son Of Beechwood', and we were grateful to Scotty Bowman for helping us out again although no accompanying Cat meant no cakes which deflated the home dressing-room a little... Ah least Ian and Ashley were on catering duty.... great spread fellas!

There was quite simply no other option but to open up with Tony and Keith, and although I've poked fun at the balsa wood bat wielding duo in the past, everyone was in agreement that an afternoon of stodgy cricket from these two would be both pardonable and welcome considering the conditions. Doesn't make watching it any easier though... After viewing half a dozen or so overs, myself and The Bosses decided to take a slow amble around the boundary to view things, and although we had to stop for the usual things like not walking behind the bowler and avoiding tumbleweed etc. it was still not quite enough time for Beechwood to progress beyond ten runs as we returned to the clubhouse.

Bowler Sharp from the far end didn't quite live up to his name but conceded just two runs from his seven over opening burst. Beechwood had limped to 14 when in the sixteenth over the newly introduced Thomas cleaned Keith (7) up with a good 'un that jagged back alarmingly. Mark joined Tony and scored at a similar rate to his opening heroes, before Tony (13) chipped one up in the air. 32-2 and another quick cameo followed from Brad (I tend to type that line a lot!) but when he and Mark departed within the space of two runs, Beechwood were pegged back to 48-4 with the writing somewhat on the wall.

Ian and Ashley hung around but didn't really trouble the scorers; Ian has lost a bit of his stickability of late and getting out in untypical style, and his was the first of a succession of dismissals of which the batsmen won't look back upon too fondly, the next being Ashley's which appeared to play out in slow motion.

Little blame could be put upon Joe, Scotty or Dave but at least Joe could celebrate his first Beechwood run and Dave lifted the gloom by striking a few lusty blows, going on to top score for the hosts (despite KHM calling him one short!) which at least ensured most man of the match votes wouldn't be going to the caterers.

Stuart was helping out his former team-mates by putting in a marathon umpiring shift and got further into the game when he blocked grid-iron style square-leg's attempt to take a catch. Welcome back Stu!! With Scotty, The DoC and myself strolling to the middle in quick succession it probably resembled auditions for Falstaff rather than a game of cricket, but at least me and The DoC managed to run a three after he slashed a beamer out to deep point; probably could have ran four but we wisely decided the pitch wouldn't need such a heavy rolling just before the opposition would use it.

The DoC would ultimately find himself unceremoniously dumped on his backside for the second week running, but would get up a little more gingerly on this occasion as he'd heard the death-rattle behind him that would bring about the end of Beechwood's innings... 74 runs after it had started. Impressive it wasn't but understandable perhaps given the tools at our disposal.

After taking the field wearing just a single pad last week, Keith hadn't found time to put either on this week as the game was about to start and as Ashley prepared to bowl the home side's first delivery, Keith was sat outside the dressing room still getting dressed and yours truly at fine-leg was being relocated to long-stop! Fortunately, the Cudham openers sportingly allowed Keith to finish dressing (time was hardly an issue for them) and the home side started their 'defence' with a full complement of fielders.

Not a lot to say about the Cudham reply in truth, needless to say they achieved their target with something like twelve or thirteen overs remaining with just two wickets down - they didn't exactly go about their business with all guns blazing, they had no need to, although left-handed number four Carter appeared to play on a different pitch to everyone else, especially after a distant rumble of thunder threatened perhaps to end things prematurely, but the lightning and indeed the rain stayed well away and Carter swung Cudham to victory a little sooner than it might have looked at one stage.

The bowlers bowled okay, a fresh Ashley deserved better than his wicketless return and Joe and Scott couldn't have done any more with their efforts in the field, simply Beechwood hadn't scored enough runs to force any other kind of result. Well played Cudham though, you can only deal with what's before you but they did so efficiently and with good spirit. The newly branded Sky Sports Cricket Channel are currently advertising their product with its presenters miming alongside a full orchestra to Bizet's stirring Les Toreadors from Carmen; Beechwood as yet don't have a signature theme but should that day come, one suspects we could do away with the orchestra - except perhaps for a lone tuba player.... he'd sum us up perfectly I reckon...

I suspect we'll have some big guns back for next week - suspect we'll struggle for a side at Tonbridge... looking like it's gonna be a long hard slog from here.

Don't panic!!

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