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Friday, 30 June 2017 19:30
Written by Chris Savory
A determined Freeman focussed on the battle

Full scorecard

Sunday 25 June 2017

Orchard Field, Otford

Beechwood 130 for 6 (48 overs)

Nuxley 133 for 1 (29.2 overs)

Nuxley won by nine wickets

As we warmly welcomed Nuxley CC to Otford it was rather typical of Beechwood to be struggling for players after the surfeit of personnel available the previous week. Calls went out to bring us up to XI but to no avail, and Beechwood were momentarily stuck on ten players before disaster struck when Adrian had to pull out on the morning with a domestic emergency (hope all is well Ade), leaving Beechwood two short with taxi-driving Fraser now needing an early exit as well! It was always going to be one of those days... Still, the weather had cooled somewhat and having Dave Lockey's legs available at least meant the home side might just avoid a baking runaround, and we had our proper scorer returning!

Nuxley won the toss and inserted their hosts and were immediately rewarded with the early wicket of Fraser. Not an ideal start for the home side and worse was to follow when Keith was caught at first slip following a rebound off the keeper's gloves soon after. 6-2 with only eight wickets to play with wasn't exactly the start the home side would have wanted... Russ joined Tony and things weren't getting any easier on the batting front with bowlers from both ends getting considerable lift and movement, but our two most recent captains were at least able to start a mini recovery.

All was going along relatively drama free until Russ attempted to go aerial and was smartly taken above mid-off's head. Beechwood looking precarious at 40-3 but fortunately Ian and Tony were in no mood to throw the towel in. Both batsmen dug in and although they were unable to accelerate the scoring rate they at least nudged us towards something to bowl at. Tony was cleaned up for a gritty 32 and Ian once again performed his gurning Michael Bevan role before perishing near the end for a well-made and very handy 38. Quick cameos from Mark and the DoC plus one glorious loft over mid-on from Dave meant that Beechwood would close their innings on 130-6 off 46 overs. Certainly below par for Otford of late but considering Beechwood's threadbare resources it was a valiant effort.

Russ had some inside information on opening bat Steve Hirst (having been team-mates at Dartford), and declared that he would very likely tee off from the word go, and thought yours truly might be a candidate to entice him to pick out a fielder early on. So far this season my bowling has only picked out parked cars and livestock so it was an optimistic ploy to say the least and needless to say, it didn't happen, but the expected assault on yours truly didn't quite materialise either, mainly because he didn't quite reach most of what I chucked at him. Instead, the assault took place at the other with Fraser being surprisingly on the wrong end of it.

Fraser bowls far straighter than I, and this was to Hirst's liking and he promptly peppered long-on and long-off with some hearty swings if little subtlety (or elegance). Nuxley had reached almost half their total inside ten overs and it was at least looking like an early visit to the pub was on the cards, but The DoC was introduced and quickly cleaned up Mr Hirst and suddenly it started to resemble a normal cricket match - unfortunately for those of us with a thirst. For the record, Hirst's onslaught produced 55 out of 64 from 26 balls!

New bat Gill would eventually open his shoulders and finish the game with a spate of boundaries but initially he and other opener May pretty much dead-batted anything vaguely threatening and scored off anything loose on offer, this made easier with so many gaps in the field. Mark and Ian had a twirl and yours truly even got a second spell but although the bat was frequently beaten, Nuxley pretty undramatically chased down their total with plenty of overs in hand (May 32*, Gill 44*).

A brief moment of light relief came about when the pitch was invaded by a solitary partridge, (ironic for the Bromley crowd who fancied a pint) which boldly as brass strutted the length of the field seemingly oblivious to the fielding side sharing it with him. Mind you, if it'd watched us in the field this season it would have been pretty certain that none of us would've caught it... let's hope it avoided the gun-toting psychopaths we have for neighbours.

A look at the scorebook might suggest to those not present that this was a thrashing (and that Ron had somehow confused me and The F-Unit!), but all things considered it wasn't a poor performance by the home said by any I said, it was just one of those days.

Congratulations to Nuxley who played the game in great spirits throughout, and huge thanks to loanee Terry Russell who heroically fielded for the entire Nuxley innings. Cheers fella! Only one more shot at a domestic victory before The Ashes then and next week's oppo are sounding rather strong... I'm going off cricket...

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