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Thursday, 11 May 2017 21:30
Written by Chris Savory
Fraser Morris once again got a start but couldn't kick on

Full scorecard

Sunday 7 May 2017

Orchard Field, Otford

Beechwood 187 all out (47.4 overs)

Badgers 188 for 6 (35.4 overs)

Penshurst Park won by 4 wickets

With availability initially on the thin side, we had to be grateful to so many for changing their Sunday afternoon plans to make themselves available, and to those who were called off the bench or out of their bed (thanks Scotty!) in order to assemble a full side to take on visitors Penshurst CC who we warmly welcomed to Otford. After last week’s top-heavy batting order, resources were stretched a little on that front this week but successful tosser Russ had no hesitation in batting first on an overcast early afternoon on a good deck but one rather too close to the railway for my liking.

Dean was pressed into opening duties alongside Fraser and both appeared to settle into their groove without too many issues until Fraser failed to clear mid-off for a second consecutive week when looking set. Hamish followed shortly afterwards unfortunately, a victim of what would be an incredible four run-outs for the home side although it has to be said he was unlucky to have been on the end of a fine direct hit. Others weren't so unfortunate... The Hamster's demise meant the skipper joined Dean in an effort to rebuild Beechwood's innings and didn't they do just that. This pair ran well, scampered twos and put the bad balls away effectively, even with Dean's dodgy and worsening knees and both reached their half-centuries before 38-2 would eventually become 140-3 when Russ rather carried out a mercy killing on the spluttering Dean (52) who became the second run out victim, but not before his job was done - his second comeback is going far better than the first; long may it continue!

Russ (67) unfortunately didn't kick-on and get the whopping individual score that looked on at one point and sadly Beechwood's innings, despite Ian's best efforts to chaperone it, somewhat ran out (literally) of steam although the final wicket (Ian's) at least fell off the last ball of the innings. Beforehand, Mark continued the comical run out theme, turning for a second with the ball in fielder's hand, causing him to reflect that he's not quite as quick as he once was! Dave unluckily picked out the fielder despite making good contact first ball and Keith was given the finger early on but at least Scotty hung around for a handy partnership with Ian and scored his first Beechwood run in the process. Well done fella! Steve's run out was the most comical of the lot and he literally could have kept walking back to the pavilion and watch them effect it with the rest of us, such was the protracted time it took (it was like watching ping-pong) but he decided to stay stood alongside Ian to watch it instead! Oh, and the scorecard says I faced one ball so my brain is obviously headed the same way as my body as I'm blowed if I remember it.... Anyway, Beechwood all out for 187. Tea - well done Russ and Ian, its creators.

Penshurst set about chasing down Beechwood's total and for the second week running, the home side hung on in there as the match ebbed and flowed towards its end before Beechwood would again come off second best in a close-fought game with eight balls of the innings remaining. In general, Beechwood were perhaps a little flatter than the previous week: some guys pulling up lame after their batting efforts, a couple more half-chances getting spilled, a few more shots looping agonisingly into unmanned areas and the ground-fielding again showed signs of woodworm setting in with yours truly especially, finding himself in the covers pulling off some pretty accurate "Ray Clemence at his near post" impressions, and even the added agility and energy of Leadon and Lockey failed to lift things on the day. Fraser could hold his head high however, being the one bowler to be able to give his captain both control and penetration and four wickets were just reward for his efforts; Hamish assisting him with some smartly held catches, but the rest of the bowling unit were largely unable to support him.

In particular the spin department probably needs to pull its socks up as its lack of effectiveness is meaning an early second spell recall for Fraser and at this rate the F-Unit is going to be an F-Rake come September! M.Alexander (39), the big-hitting Beyerald (47) and Cheeseman (33) were the major players in Penshurst's success although Boyden's undefeated 35 showed considerable nous and calmness and was probably the difference between Penshurst finishing either side of our total and it was quite a pleasant afternoon by the time things were rounded-up - where the weather was concerned anyway. Still, Scotty could have little to reproach himself for as he stopped pretty much everything that came in his direction apart from the odd tracer bullet, The DoC got in on the run out act, smartly effecting a direct hit from behind-square and Dean clung onto his first catch since 2001, so there were at least a couple of positives to take away and perhaps things weren't too flat after all.

An exciting couple of games has resulted in no victories for a new positive Beechwood thus far but we're entertaining the neutrals while (so far) looking like winning less games than not - a bit like the cricketing equivalent of AFC Bournemouth on sanatogen.

Time to turn the tide... bring on Loose!

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