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Thursday, 15 September 2016 09:00
Written by Chris Savory
Morris (2/7) putting Broadway to the sword

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Sunday 11th September 2016
Orchard Field, Otford, Kent

Broadway 68 all out (28 overs)

Beechwood 71 for 0 (12.2 overs)

So, on the back of 'Not a Stag', in which I initially took 'Not Golf' to its literal meaning, there were a few fragile bodies on parade the following day for the purpose of Beechwood entertaining local rivals Broadway CC. Always had a soft spot for this fixture down the years myself, from an early appearance while still a 'guest' for the club - a wee while back now - to more recent times like last season's nail-biter when a stunning Hamster catch ensured a last over victory. Considering the constitution of one or two in our number, it certainly would be an achievement to fashion a similar outcome today but, as we all know, cricket can throw up the occasional oddity when least expected.

Aside from the usual tasks involved in preparing the ground for play we had a novel task ahead of us this week...moving the covers off the square. Sounds simple enough but this proved a task worthy of a round on 'The Krypton Factor' for those attempting it, some of them still a little worse for wear, and it didn't escape our attention that some abler bodied Beechwoodians managed to go missing at this point in time. Once all were present following the usual traffic adventures, we were able to welcome new boy Alex Gordon into our ranks who immediately elevated the Essex related quota to a healthier level. It was a fine gesture from the DoC to accommodate him although for some reason he didn't look all that put out when he turned up with his camera. Tony lost the toss and Broadway's captain had no hesitation in electing to bat, perhaps with the idea of baking their opposition on a glorious afternoon.

As has been the case for pretty much the last month or so, Fraser and Rob were on the money straight away, barely conceding a run and achieving an early breakthrough. The Goose hit the poles early on as did the F-Unit twice (ought to refer to him as Forty-Units this week considering his previous day's intake). The Goose removed the dangerous Triggs thanks to Adrian's safe hands, ending a run of four clean bowled dismissals, and it was fair to say that Broadway's innings wasn't going to plan as Beechwood had reduced them to 26-5! Yours truly (20 units) was even getting in on the act and a couple more quick wickets left the visitors disastrously tottering on 36-7 and only a counter-punching cameo from Ferrere enabled Broadway to steer themselves towards anything remotely respectable. New boy Alex got a go at Rob's end and although he was to go wicketless he certainly showed more than enough to suggest he'd be a more than a useful acquisition, should he decide to play outside of Essex's leafy lanes next year (those three white seaxes can be pretty alluring l know). Essex's other holy trinitarian Mark (minus 20 Units) came on and mopped up the tail (one well-judged catch plus two more clean bowled) and in the blink of an eye Broadway had done the unthinkable and got themselves dismissed for 68. It was their misfortune to face a Beechwood XI that included so many nursing hangovers, as we obviously wouldn't normally bowl this straight, and it should also be noted that KHM was also impressively tidy behind the timbers as well (although one could argue that he frequently turns up in this state).

After an early tea (which was fortunately just about ready) Beechwood, themselves off the back of a few below-par scores at Otford, set about chasing down their modest total and Russell (16 Units) and Hamish (38 Units) obviously saw a bigger ball than usual this week as apart from the odd near-run-out adventure late on, they pulled off a succinct and chanceless ten-wicket victory inside thirteen overs. (Hamster 41*, Russ 20*) 4.30pm and incredibly...job done!

Obviously the Broadway guys were pretty down and apologetic after not being able to put on a better show but rest assured lads, you picked the perfect afternoon to have a 'mare as far as we were concerned! Anyway, it should be stressed that it wasn't too long ago that they subjected us to a similar afternoon and I'm certain that next season we'll be having the usual ding-dong battle like last season produced. Always a friendly bunch, you have to take your hat off to them; win lose or draw they always out-drink us in the bar afterwards!  

As for Beechwood? An almost perfect afternoon, if you can have such a thing? Obviously it wasn't much of an afternoon for some of our guys, especially those not in a similar state of inebriation as some of us and keener for the game to go further into the evening but their misfortunes aside, it was close to perfection. An early finish obviously meant that after a swift one locally where we were joined by Dean and Ashley, there would be an early trip back home for everyone...well almost everyone that is, except for those who decamped into Chipstead for more merry-making and for one unfortunate soul who got stuck in the Dartford Tunnel for several hours! Good job he hasn't got much on his plate this week!!........à Bientôt Mate!!

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