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Monday, 05 September 2016 00:00
Written by Chris Savory
Ian McCrea (49) doggedly got Beechwood to a respectable total

Full scorecard

Sunday 4th September 2016
Otford, Kent

Beechwood 134 for 8 (44 overs)

Locksbottom 135 for 9 (35 overs)

For the completists among us, just a few lines about our recent hosting of Locksbottom CC at Otford. Not a lot to dwell on truth be told, Beechwood having been inserted, posted a modest total at best and then in spite of a couple of heroic efforts early on, butter-fingeredly messed up what would have been a fine defence of their score.

For the record, Beechwood were always going to be up against it once Locksbottom reduced their hosts to 52-5 after an impressive salvo from their opening bowlers, with only Bradley reaching double figures, and it took a rearguard effort from Rob (15 off 55) and Keith, (16* off 40) both playing around Ian's more fluent strokeplay to give Beechwood anything to have half a chance of defending.

When Ian was sadly robbed of what would have been a well deserved half century when Skarbek (who would be a thorn in Beechwood's side all afternoon) cleaned him up on 49 it left the home side on 121-7 with four overs remaining, and when Tony joined Keith at the middle the home dressing-room were hoping that if these two could stay there until tea, they would get us somewhere up towards 124. To our delight however, a little injection of urgency would mean that Beechwood would reach 134 before the DoC had to go out and play a couple of air shots to bring our innings to a close. Still, it was something to bowl at but another disappointing total for Otford.

When it was time for Locksbottom's reply, Beechwood got off to a perfect start with both Fraser and Rob starting on the money and although The F-Unit was 'F' Free throughout the afternoon, The Goose treated us to the odd French expletive as his ill-fortune continued. Rob was at least able to claim one victim along the way but Fraser would end up with four scalps, one of which was a maiden Beechwood catch for Dave who had typically pounded around the outfield all afternoon.

Locksbottom at this stage were all at sea on 33-5 but unfortunately a change of bowling brought about a change of tempo, and while neither myself or Larry served up anything particularly poor we were unable to exert the same control as our openers had done and more importantly, allowed the wickets to dry up. This might have been so much different if yours truly could have held on to an absolute 'barbie' off his own bowling when Mr. Skarbek had recently arrived at the crease but it wasn't to be. I'd love to have an excuse to offer but I simply don't, only an apology, and it would be fair to say that I couldn't have made a bigger hash of it had I been looking in another direction.

Skarbek would receive at least two more lives before the game's end (none as shocking as mine I hasten to add) but more importantly he and Morton were able to rebuild after their shaky start and it wasn't until Locksbottom reached 110 when Beechwood would next strike, KHM effecting a stumping to remove Morton, but with Skarbek still there the outcome was still in the balance. The DoC was into the action by now and immediately got into the action, assisted by a smart catch from Rob, and when Larry effected a run out shortly afterwards followed by another snare from The DoC, Beechwood were on the brink of pulling off an unlikely victory. The sight of a girl colt walking out at number eleven meant that it would have been inappropriate to have brought the quicks back so it unfortunately would mean that yours truly was entrusted with perhaps one over too many.

State of play: two overs left, Locksbottom require eight, Beechwood just one wicket. It certainly was going down to the wire but it meant that I had to keep Mr. Skarbek on strike whilst not conceding if possible but a scrambled two followed by some declined singles and a further drop meant I just had to keep Skarbek rooted from the last ball to hand things over to The DoC, and this I achieved but annoyingly at the cost of four runs! It actually almost cleared the boundary in front of the mound to win the game but at least Beechwood were still alive as the match entered its final over. The DoC duly bowled three dots to young Miss Cutting but unfortunately the fourth brushed her down the leg-side and a scrambled leg-bye was achieved*. Another dot to Skarbek but in an effort to save the game The DoC tossed a wider one which was duly called wide and Locksbottom were able to win off the last ball of the match! Merde Alors!!

Locksbottom were certainly worth their victory and needless to say it was a great game to play in, but there were a few Beechwoodians who didn't deserve to be on the losing side on the day. Apologies to those concerned!

We were once again spoiled by our visiting support and it was great to see Sean Cowell, Glenn Salmon and indeed a whole Salmon stand full once more with Kevin Thompson in there too, although maybe not quite so nice to see (not so) young Jack in the opposition as I swear his pace doubles with each passing game against us!

Time for Not A Stag....

*It was actually a ball that went over the centre stump and was duly missed by KHM. This needs to be recorded - Regards - DoC

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