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Thursday, 25 September 2014 17:31
Written by Chris Savory

It's been a while since my scribblings have graced these pages so the DoC thought it would be nice to let me loose once again. Actually, he just didn't fancy it this week and looked directly at me when asking for volunteers so here goes, I don't usually look forward to the Wadhurst trip, (it's a heck of a trek for some) but once I'm there I seem able to enjoy its surroundings and quirks. The ground has a landscape that only us crazy Brits would consider playing cricket on...the slope would be better suited to luge or something, but anyway it always adds a bit of novelty to the game of cricket. Captain Freeman continues to be a useless tosser and Beechwood were duly invited to have a bowl as some dark clouds rolled close by but didn't deposit anything onto us. The game was only two balls old when opener Everdale slashed Fraser to point at catchable height where yours truly had recently successfully blagged to station himself. I can imagine several team-mates thinking 'What's HE doing THERE?' as it headed my way but there was no need for panic as it was pouched without drama....twenty years a point specialist before the days of being hidden don't you know, some things you don't lose!

Anyway, enough trumpet blowing, 0-1 and it kind of set the tone for the early part of Wadhurst's innings. Wadhurst had drawn straws or some such caper to settle their batting order so it was difficult to know who was batting out of sync, but a succession of plays and misses accompanied by some slashed boundaries and the odd wicket at regular intervals mixed with the odd Beechwood bowler pulling up lame, (Bradley on approach for his first delivery!) made for a somewhat frenetic session. Spin was introduced from both ends after Fraser and Hamish's spells and the pattern sort of continued with Wadhurst kind of swinging and stuttering to 105-9 with about 40 minutes remaining. Cue number eleven, Mr D'Aguilar's arrival at the crease and his appearance kind of coincided with Beechwood perhaps taking their eyes of the ball, hard to say for sure, certainly their fielding became rather flat-footed and we appeared to lose focus for the remainder of Wadhurst's innings. One priceless moment came when Fraser and The Burger Man decided their between-over conversation was far too interesting to be interrupted by the resumption of play and stood there jabbering as the ball rolled between them and trickled over the boundary. Far be it from me to rebuke anybody for their fielding but a mischievous part of me wished that Sean Cowell had bowled that ball rather than me. After dinking me into the tennis courts with relative ease, Mr D'Aguilar launched a rather brutal assault on the unfortunate Woody and a rather comical last over from the DoC, who'd replaced Ian Mac, which teased fielders in the deep much to the DoC's exasperation finally culminated in him bowling batsmen Hood. D'Aguilar, clearly no number eleven, bludgeoned his way to an undefeated 66 and Wadhurst closed their innings on 193, a total which had looked way beyond their reach at the fall of the ninth wicket. A quick nod to KHM, keeping on a none-to-easy deck he had conceded just one bye until a Woody doodlebug evaded him and sailed to the boundary in the penultimate over but otherwise kept rather tidily throughout the the afternoon. Tea...which we made pretty well...

Fraser and Adrian opened up for Beechwood and set about the task of chasing down a challenging total. All was going to plan fairly swimmingly, Beechwood reaching 102 without loss, but this soon became 116-2 when Adrian after a good solid start (22) and then Hamish, reduced to a cameo, we're comprehensively cleaned up by a certain L. Bates!...No, we hadn't loaned them our own Blaster but blast away this one did, and his extra revs were going to test Beechwood's technique in their chasing efforts. Fortunately Fraser was still there and seeing the ball nicely and Burgers applied his own technique to the situation, fighting fire with fire, and a relative rebuilding period was under way. Burgers departed on 146 for 22, another victim to Bates and this made Fraser determined not to be another Bates victim but disaster struck when he set off for a risky single and picked out Mr Bates who ran him out with a direct hit from extra cover. It was an unfortunate end to what had been a great knock but it left Beechwood on 157-4 and it took some sensible batting from Woody to see off Bates's spell. Bates was still on hand to catch Bradley though and after the DoC departed to a spectacular juggling act it was KHM joining Woody at the crease. The overs were starting to count down and Keith certainly wasn't a calming influence out there with some extremely optimistic calls rebuffed by Woody's bellowed shouts of "Noooo!" resounding around Sussex. It was no surprise that KHM was eventually stumped following Woody's departure after his impressive rearguard and it was left to skipper Tony and Ian Mac to see Beechwood home with just two balls remaining, Macca hitting the winning two runs through the covers. Beechwood can take a bow for manufacturing such an interesting outcome and well played Wadhurst who played in a great spirit throughout despite not being overly-impressed with some of our umpires! Well done fellas! Congratulations to Fraziure on his man of the match performance as well.

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon's cricket which ebbed and flowed throughout the day...even if that last half hour of fielding was pretty energy-sapping! See you at Fordcombe!

Download this file (Wadhurst.pdf)Scorecard: Wadhurst v Beechwood[2014]601 Kb

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